Radon Inspections

Fanatic Inspection Services involving Radon Inspections.

It’s is industry standard during home inspections, that a homeowner should have a radon inspection added to the scope of work. A radon gas inspection is necessary if you are thinking of selling your home and you have already tested your home for radon. Radon comes without an odor or able to be detected, so the use of special equipment is needed to detect it. Most people think that it’s idea to order a radon test kit from the internet or obtain from a local hardware stores. In all honesty it is best to retain a certified radon inspector for your home radon inspection. Most home inspectors double as a radon tester. See what our previous clients are saying about our quality radon inspections.

Here are a few things that should be considered when selling home that may or may not need radon inspections…

  • The Radon Testing Checklist items were not met;
  • The last test is not recent, e.g., within two years;
  • You have renovated or altered your home since you tested; or
  • The buyer plans to live in a lower level of the house than was tested, such as a basement suitable for occupancy but not currently lived in.

When purchasing a home, here are some specific requirements when dealing with radon inspections…

  • When buying a home, remember to inquire from the previous owners if they are aware of the current radon level in their home. This is imperative if you are considering buying the house. You should also remember to ask the seller if they can provide their radon test results, if feasible. It’s a known fact that the EPA recommends that you know what the indoor radon level is in any home you consider buying.
  • In some instances you may run across homes that have not yet been tested. If this is the case, you should consider a standard radon gas inspection.
  • Most home builders are aware of certain prevention measures that cane be used during the process of having a new home built. Be sure to inquire what your options are and what are the most feasible ways to incorporated these systems into your home during construction to reduce radon gas levels.

Our certified radon inspectors will do every and anything it takes during a home inspection for radon, to check your existing home or a house you are considering purchasing. You can feel comfortable being serviced by the #1 leaders in inspections for radon. A high radon inspection cost is never an issue when dealing with Fanatic Inspection services! Contact us now to schedule your radon inspection today!