Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation Services Provided by Fanatic Inspection Services.

mold-remediationDuring mold remediation services, Fanatic Inspection Services understands that there is a huge concern about mold spores being within a home. This is the exact reason why we take extreme measures to assure and protect the health of homeowners and commercial building occupants. Our certified remediators are also protected with the same types of measures to assure a healthy environment when performing house mold remediation.  Before performing the remediation of mold, we always assess the size of the mold and any moisture problems which may currently exist.

The steps taken for mold removal are pretty much industry standard, however we use the best equipment and methods available to remedy or contain house mold. There are several mold remediation companies within the area but we can only vouch for our services and assure that our mold remediation cost will not break the bank. So what are the steps that we take to eliminate or contain  possibilities of mold or black mold within your building?

Fanatic Inspection Services’ steps taken to perform high quality mold remediation services.

  • We use HEPA Vacuums to remove dust from surfaces where certain forms of mold may have settled. The term HEPA is equivalent to High Efficiency Particulate Air.
  • We always make it imperative to wear protected eye wear and gloves while performing remediation services.
  • Wet vacuums are used to eliminate water from hard surfaces including furniture, curtains or drapes and of course carpet.
  • Damp wiping is also another form of removal. This may involve the scrubbing of surface using water or water that is mixed with detergent. We also make sure that all surfaces that are being wiped are 100% dry after the application. The job is to eliminate moisture right?
  • Any mold damaged materials are required to be removed in plastic bags and discarded appropriately. This may also involve the use of plastic bags being wrapped in polyethylene sheeting and sealed with duct tape.

The importance of proper mold remediation for your home is not only imperative but it’s an absolute must!

Black mold and other forms of mold are known to cause health effects and symptoms which can also cause allergic reactions! So to be sure that you are obtaining the best mold removal from one of this areas certified and best mold remediation companies, enter your information at the top right of this page for a FREE consultation today. Our mold remediation services are both effective and we follow the strict requirements laid down by DC and Maryland!