Mold Inspections

Certified mold inspections performed by Fanatic Inspection Services.

When it comes to home inspections a home mold inspection may sometimes be necessary. In some instances this can be a very non-healthy situation for all that live in the dwelling. Mold testing provided by mold inspectors during a house inspection involves many instances. As with any homeowner you would not want to go through any form of mold remediation. In layman’s terms, it simply means mold removal which is performed by a certified mold inspector.

Take a look at one of the houses we were called out to which involved a mold house inspections…

mold inspections

mold inspections 1

During mold inspections or mold remediation and abatement, it is imperative that you follow these eight important steps:

  • Always use and wear protective equipment
  • Make sure you contain mold spores
  • Remember to set up negative pressure
  • Always remove the mold
  • Do whatever it takes to prevent mold from returning
  • Clean belongings that have been effected
  • Always use a HEPA vacuum or similar
  • Dispose of the mold properly

We take great pride in knowing that during our mold removal phase and abatement, we target each project just the same and with the same amount of importance. The only thing worse than living in a home with live mold spores is living in a house with black mold. If you have any indication that your home has mold and you’d like to obtain a certified mold inspector to remedy the problem, please don’t hesitate to contact Fanatic Inspection Services today. Our home inspection services are the best in the DC and Maryland area and we are considered the leaders in mold inspections.