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It’s a know fact that during lead inspections, most homes that were built within or before the 1950s have a high possibility of having a presence of lead.  Since a rule change by the federal government in 1978,  all homes built within that time era were not allowed to use any form of lead within the house which included mainly paints which were considered to be lead-based. Testing for lead is one of the most important aspects to keep an eye on when purchasing your home or even renting an apartment. Fanatic Inspection Services uses high tech tools and knowledge to remedy lead problems within your home. If you are not familiar with what types of products or systems in your home can cause problems and may require lead testing, lets take a look at some.

Where can lead be found in a home when having lead inspections by a home inspection company?

  • Lead can be found in paint. Even the smallest chip of lead-based paints can cause problems.
  • during certain typed of lead inspections, window frames have been found to include lead.
  • Some types of furniture contain lead.
  • If you have children, believe it or not some of their toys can contain lead.
  • Certain foods and clay pots from Mexico have been known to contain certain forms of lead.
  • Lead can also be found within drinking water from your faucets.

Why we think lead inspections are advantageous to homeowners and renters of apartments.

We are aware that it is just as easy to go out and purchase your own lead testing kit from a local hardware store. I’m sure we both agree that having a lead test is important but you should always seek the advice of a certified lead inspector to carry out your home inspections. During our lead inspections we inspect for any forms of paint chipping, both within the home and the exterior areas. To further make sure that you are comfortable within your home, we also perform dust wipe inspections which are then tested by a laboratory in which we have a relationship with.

We here at Fanatic Inspection Services wants you to be 100% absolutely sure that you are not putting yourself or your family in harms way. We just couldn’t endure the guilt that would come from us performing testing for lead and someone in your household has to go through lead poisoning testing. This is the exact reason why we are licensed lead inspectors by the Maryland Department of the Environment. Before you go out and purchase a lead testing kit, call on DC and Maryland’s #1 provider in lead testing and inspections. Contact us today to have us perform your lead inspections!