Home Inspections

Home Inspections performed by Certified Inspectors at Fanatic Inspection Services.

The certified technicians at Fanatic Inspection Services performs high quality home inspections. Homeowners and commercial building management companies can rest assure that we will perform at the utmost level of reliability. The home inspection checklist that we use involves several aspects of a home.

So why are our home inspections so thorough?

Our home inspections technicians does a thorough job of inspecting all the important elements of your new or existing home. These elements include, the grounds; the structure; exterior surfaces including the windows, doors and wood trims; the roof and attic; interior room which include bedrooms, your kitchen and bathroom. And of course we do not rule out miscellaneous areas such as your basement or crawl space. One of the most important areas of our home inspections are the building systems which include your electrical, plumbing and heating and air condition units.

We pride ourselves in having the ability to offer home pro inspections that with leave you feeling more comfortable when choosing, if/when to purchase a new home. Our home inspection cost is within the means of most home inspectors within the area but we go the extra mile to assure that you receive top quality services from our technicians.

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