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to our home inspection services

Fanatic Inspection Services offers a slew of services that is structured to assist new and existing homeowners in all of the required home inspections necessary when purchasing a home. We are the home pro of inspections which includes home inspection services, radon gas testing, home lead testing, house mold inspections and house mold remediation as well as 203K consulting.

Fanatic Inspection Services operates within the Washington DC and Maryland vicinity. You can put your trust in us providing you with high quality and reliable services in all types of home inspections. Please do not hesitate to contact us today for a free quote on our professional inspection services.


Home Inspections

Our home inspectors thoroughly follow their home inspections checklist ...

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Mold Inspections

We offer the best quality house mold inspections for every homeowner...

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Radon Inspections

We take the guessing game out of radon gas testing. You never have to worry with our services...

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When hiring Fanatic Inspection Services, expect nothing less than top quality services, certified technicians and affordable pricing,

To obtain our high-quality services, contact us today to receive a free quote!

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Carl was very thorough in his inspection of the property that we are under contract on. He took the time to walk us through the property and pointing out any areas of concern. I would highly recommend Carl to any potential homeowner.

Brian Bynum